5K Map

The following map of the entire course is interactive and is linked to ridewithgps.com.  To achieve a full screen view of the map, click on “View Full Version” in the upper left of the map image.  In the upper right corner of the map is a drop down menu with map viewing options…we prefer “Hybrid”.  When viewing the interactive map, you can highlight a section of the course to view a more detailed elevation chart of that section.  To view a more detailed section:

  1. Move your cursor along the x-axis (mileage) of the elevation graph.  Mileage, elevation, and % grade will be displayed.
  2. Click and hold a beginning point on the elevation graph.  Drag your cursor and highlight the segment/distance that you wish to view in greater detail.  When you release your mouse, the highlighted segment will be displayed.
  3. To return to the full graph, single click the “de-select” button or single click the graph.

5K Course Notes:

  1. The Start Line for the 5K is located on Railroad Grade Rd in front of the Riverside Restaurant.
  2. The Finish line is located on the grass lawn adjacent to the Riverside Restaurant.
  3. The course is predominantly paved with 1 dirt/gravel road section, beginning at Mile 0.8 and ending at 1.9 miles.
  4. Race Flow:
    • Start – Mile 0.8: Flat and paved in the River Valley
    • Mile 0.8 – 1.5: Gradual uphill on tightly packed gravel road surface.
    • Mile 1.5 – 1.9: Downhill on gravel road surface.
    • Mile 1.9 – 3.1: Flat and paved in the River Valley.
    • Finish: gravel parking lot to grass finish line.
  5. Support Stations: One station at Mile 1.9.  Refer to the Race Day Logistics page for details.

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