Marathon Map

The following map of the entire course is interactive and is linked to  To achieve a full screen view of the map, click on “View Full Version” in the upper left of the map image.  When viewing the interactive map, you can highlight a section of the course to view a more detailed elevation chart of that section.  To view a more detailed section:

  1. Move your cursor along the x-axis (mileage) of the elevation graph.  Mileage, elevation, and % grade will be displayed.
  2. Click and hold a beginning point on the elevation graph.  Drag your cursor and highlight the segment/distance that you wish to view in greater detail.  When you release your mouse, the highlighted segment will be displayed.
  3. To return to the full graph, single click the “de-select” button or single click the graph.

Marathon Course Notes:

  1. The Start and Finish Lines for Marathon are located on the grass lawn adjacent to the Riverside Restaurant.
  2. The course is predominantly paved with 2 dirt/gravel road sections:
    • The first section (Mile 4.5 – 4.75) is flat, adjacent to the New River.
    • The second section follows a private right-of-way along Call Creek (Mile 17.8 – 18.8).
  3. Race Flow:
    • Start – Mile 3.7: A flat run on asphalt along the New River
    • Mile 3.7 – 3.9: A short out-and-back into the Todd Community.  You will be directed to “Run on the Right” for this short section.
    • Mile 3.9 – 4.9: You’ll run the flat section of Big Hill Rd, which also includes 1/4 mile gravel section.
    • Mile 4.9 – 6.1: Changing gears as you run the “rolling” hills on Big Hill Rd. (+125 ft, -125 ft)  However, you will not have the “pleasure” of the road’s namesake.
    • Mile 6.1 – 8.1: Back to the scenic valley along the river and River Rd (+13 ft).
    • Mile 8.1 – 8.8: Climb to 3231 ft, the highest elevation on the course (+244 ft).
    • Mile 8.8 – 10.0: Enjoy the long recovery downhill as you drop back to the river valley (-271 ft).
    • Mile 10.0 – 17.5: Flat along the New River as you progress toward downtown Fleetwood (-83 ft).
    • Mile 17.5 – 17.7: A short climb as you depart the river valley and enter an enchanting private gravel lane along Call Creek.
    • IMPORTANT: Mack Woodie Dr (Mile 17.7 – 18.8) is a private, gravel right-of-way and can only be accessed during the New River Marathon.  DO NOT attempt to run or drive this section outside of NRM.
    • Mile 17.7 – 18.8: Only +29 ft on this scenic stretch as you prepare for the final uphill of the course, but the one short, steep incline may give the perception of a greater gain.
    • Mile 18.8 – 19.3: Final uphill on the course (+196 ft)
    • Mile 19.3 – 20.2: Long and final downhill of the course.  RUN ON THE RIGHT for this downhill section.  There is a blind turn on the left and roads are open to community traffic.
    • Mile 20.2 – 26.2: Final stretch in the flat river valley to the FINISH!
  4. Support Stations: approximately every 2 miles.  Refer to the Race Day Logistics page for details.


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