Policies and Rules

COVID Notice:

It was great to run in 2020 and it was little different with assigned start waves and additional precautions.  But otherwise we had a beautiful day of racing in the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains.  We look forward to returning to a mass start, but if COVID remains a concern for 2021 NRM, then we will use assigned start waves once again as well as the same practices from 2020.

  • Refunds will not be issued.  2010 was our inaugural year and we’ve run every year since, including 2020.  Your race management team will do everything possible to run in 2021.
  • Deferrals to 2022 will be allowed at a fee of $20/entry.  (See Deferral below)
  • If a mass start is not possible, assigned start waves will used.
  • Face masks will be required at the start and a drop zone for masks will be available at approximately 100 meters into the race.
  • Water stations will be handled by volunteers wearing gloves and mask. Cups will be placed on tables for runners to grab.
  • Medals will be handed to you after you finish, instead of putting them around your neck.
  • A cool-down area will be provided so runners could walk and catch their breath before exiting the finish chute.
  • Disposable masks will be issued to runners before exiting the finish chute.
  • Live results may be available online.
  • Food and Drinks will be pre-packaged at the end of the race.
  • There may be no on-site awards ceremony.  (Awards were shipped to runners in 2020 with runners covering shipping costs.)

Boston Marathon Qualifier:

The New River Marathon course is USA Track and Field (USATF) certified. This designation certifies that the New River Marathon and its course comply with the strict USATF criteria for a marathon and therefore serves as qualifier for the Boston Marathon.

Click Here to link to the Boston Marathon Qualifying Standards website page.

Refund Policy:

Entry fees will not be refunded for any reason.  The runner accepts full responsibility for the entry fee.

If the course is changed, if the race is cancelled, or if the event time is changed due to circumstances beyond race management control, such as act of nature, there are no refunds or transfers to subsequent years.

Severe Weather Notification:

In the event of inclement race day weather, the New River Marathon will seek and follow the advice of County Emergency Management and/or onsite Emergency Personnel.  Our primary concern is participant safety, community safety and emergency response.  Weather which may impact the race day event schedule may include, but not limited to: sustained heavy rains that severely limits visibility, sustained heavy rains that leads to flooding during the event, lightning, tornado, extreme fog or other severe weather event.  If race day weather does not impact the event schedule, a notification will not be posted.  If race day weather does impact the event schedule, the New River Marathon will:
1. Staff the event phone land line (336-877-8888), which is staffed regardless of weather.
2. Update the voice message on the land line to include weather related delays or cancellations or notices.
3. Post on New River Marathon Facebook page.
4. Post on New River Marathon Instagram.

Transfer Policy (to another runner):

Registered runners may transfer their entry to another runner.  This transfer must be completed by August 31 and will require a $20 transfer fee.  To request a transfer, please contact race management by clicking here and include your full name, DOB, race and date of registration.  Also include information of runner to receive transfer: full name, DOB, race, email and phone.

The difference in entry fee will not be refunded if the new runner selects a lesser distance race.  If the new runner selects a race of greater distance, then he/she will also be responsible for the difference in entry fee (based on the current entry fee schedule), plus the $20 transfer fee.

Transfer Policy (to another race):

Runners may transfer to a lesser distance race (Marathon to the Half-Marathon, Half-Marathon to the 4-Mile) without penalty.  The difference in entry fee will not be refunded.  Runners wishing to transfer to a greater distance race will be required to pay the difference in entry fee (based on the current entry fee schedule).  Transfers to a greater or lesser distance race must be completed by Sept. 19.  All race transfers after Sept. 19 will require a $10 transfer fee.  To request a transfer, please contact race management by clicking here and include your full name, DOB, race, date of registration and race to which you wish to transfer.

Deferral (to another year):

Deferring your race entry to the next calendar year’s event is possible.  The request for deferral must be received by August 31.  The runner will forfeit the current year’s entry fee.  Registration for 2022 will require a $20 deferral fee.  To submit your request for deferral, please contact race management by clicking here and include your full name, DOB, race and date of registration.

Course Policy

Bandits (non-registered runners), strollers, bicycles, rollerblades, wagons, and pets are NOT permitted on the course.

Runners are to run on the left side of the road (unless instructed otherwise) and must allow vehicles to pass.

All courses are open to normal traffic, which is very light.  Traffic will be held for the start of each race.


USA Track and Field and Road Runners Club of America recommend against using headphones while running.  Runners participating in the New River Marathon events may not wear dual headphones.  New River Marathon roads are open to normal vehicular traffic.  Runners who are wearing dual headphones create undo congestion and safety concerns for themselves, other runners and motorists.  Because of these safety concerns the New River Marathon will not allow use of dual headphones during its 3 races.  Runners may wear a single ear bud if they can hear Race Officials and vehicles.  Runners wearing dual earphones will have their earphones and devices confiscated by race officials and/or emergency personnel.  Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

Course Time Limit

The marathon time limit is 6 hours (1:30pm), which a 13:44/mile pace.  The course for the half-marathon will also close at 1:30pm (5:45 time limit). Walkers and Ruckers are welcome in the Half-Marathon and 4-Mile.

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