Race Day Logistics

Start/Finish Location:

The Woodshed (All Friday and Saturday race-related activities)
1389 Big Flatts Church Rd
Fleetwood, NC 28626
CLICK HERE for a venue site map.

Friday, October 1 Schedule:

5:00pm – 9:00pm : Runner Reg./Packet Pick-up:  (WAIVER REQUIRED click either Runner or Minor)

Saturday, October 2 Schedule:

6:15am – 8:30am : Runner Reg./Packet Pick-up  (WAIVER REQUIRED click either Runner or Minor)
7:30am: Marathon Start
7:45am: Half-Marathon Start
8:00am: 4-Mile Start
1:30pm : Marathon and Half-Marathon courses close

Runner Check-in:

Runners for the Marathon, Half-Marathon, 4-Mile and 1-Mile Run need to bring a signed waiver with them to check-in (see link below)  and also have two options for check-in and runners must pick up two items: race bib (with bib tag for chip timing already attached) and race shirt.

Option 1: Friday night, October 1, 5:00pm – 9:00pm.

Option 2: Saturday, October 2, 6:15am – 8:00am.  Important Note: road traffic will be held for runners as they enter the roadway.  Please arrive at least 30-45 minutes before your scheduled start time.

(WAIVER REQUIRED click either Runner Waiver or Minor Waiver)

Driving Directions:

Click here for printable driving directions to the New River Marathon Start and to Exit.
Important Note:  After exiting Highway 221, the final 2.2 miles are are small two lane, country roads.  In addition, there is one entrance to the start / finish venue.  Please allow ample time for travel, parking and registration / check-in.


Parking will be directed by local Volunteer Fire Departments.  Parking will be in the hard-packed field of the Woodshed. Traffic will be held as runners are entering the race course.

Start Line:

  1. The Marathon, Half-Marathon and 4-MIle will start at the Woodshed near the Finish Line.
  2. The races will start on time.
  3. Items left at the Start may be retrieved at the Lost and Found at the Finish Line Officials’ Tent.

On Course Support (2020):

  1. Runners in the Marathon and Half Marathon are encouraged to carry water bottles and energy gels if they wish to minimize their interaction at Support Stations.  However, Support Stations will be available to refill water bottles and for Hammer energy gels.
  2. Disposable cups with water and Gatorade will be offered at Support Stations.  Two – three (2-3) cups of fluid will be spread along the table edge for the runner to take.  Cups will not be handed to runners.
  3. Hammer energy (individual servings) will be laid on the table when requested by a runner.
  4. Staffed support Stations will be available approximately every two miles (marathon and half-marathon) and will consist of water, sports drink (Gatorade), and porta-johns.  The marathon support stations at mile markers 7.7, 13.5, 17.5, and 21.5 will also have Hammer Gel (Huckleberry, Apple-Cinnamon, and Espresso).  M&Ms, fruit or other supplies WILL NOT be available.  One support station will be available on the 4-Mile course at Mile 3.  Water only will be available at Marathon Mile 1.5 Half-Marathon Mile 2.1.
  5. Marathon support stations will be available at miles 1.5 (water only), 3.4, 5.4, 7.7, 10.2, 12.0, 13.5, 15.7, 17.5, 19.6, 21.5, 23.4, 25.2.
  6. Half-Marathon support stations will be available at miles 2.1 (water only), 4.0, 6.5, 8.5, 10.4, 12.1.
  7. Distance Markers will be signed every mile and 5K.
  8. Turns will be signed and staffed.
  9. The course will follow roads which are lightly traveled and will remain open to normal traffic.  However, intersections and specific sites will be staffed to control traffic and direct runners.

Spectators (2020):

  1. To minimize crowding at the Start / Finish Venue, spectators are not banned, but discouraged from attending.
  2. If spectators remain at the Start / Finish Venue, please remain at your car during the race to minimize crowd size at the Start / Finish.
  3. If you choose to cheer your marathon runner on the course, it is less ideal and is a bit tricky.  Unlike the city-based marathons, at which you could avoid the race route by driving one city block, a county block is several country miles and we want to avoid putting additional traffic on the race course.  The Marathon has 3 possible cheering sites, which are listed below.  However, the Half Marathon and 4 Mile do not have adequate or safe parking along these race courses.
    • If you chose to cheer your Marathon runner on the course, please use the driving directions provided in this link (link coming soon) to avoid the race course.  Less traffic on the race course is a courtesy to the runners and local community.
    • Marathon Mile 10.2, Todd Mercantile: Great location to cheer the runners as they complete the out-and-back in the historic hamlet of Todd.  Be certain to get some hot coffee, a cinnamon roll or other bakery specialty from the Mercantile, while the runners are gutting it out.  Parking in Todd is limited, so car-pooling is a necessity.
    • Marathon Mile 12, Green Valley Community Park: Great views of the park, the Blue Ridge Mountains and the New River Valley.
    • Marathon Mile 17.5, Riverside Restaurant: In the valley, near the New River.  This is the original venue for NRM.  Restaurant is not open.

Finish Line (2020):

  1. Please refer to our COVID-19 Guidelines for full Finish Line details.
  2. All finishers in the marathon, half-marathon and 4 mile will receive a finishers “medal”.  The wooden finisher’s medallion is locally crafted from locally reclaimed oak.
  3. Stick Boy Kitchen is our Finish Line Sponsor.  Runners will be refreshed at the finish line with made from scratch goodies in their personal energy bag.
  4. Awards Ceremonies will NOT be held.  For award details please refer to our COVID-19 Guidelines.
  5. Age groups include: 19 years and younger, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+.  Runners who receive overall awards are not eligible for age group awards.
  6. The overall awards will go three deep for women and men.

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